Deadly Class #6 Review

With all the books arriving at local shops this week does this one really deserve to garner attention? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Hunted through the streets of Las Vegas, Marcus is about to learn a valuable lesson: sometimes the only way to wash away your past is with blood. Stylized violence featuring teenage assassins on acid! Don’t miss the climax of the first arc of the smash-hit series DEADLY CLASS by RICK REMENDER & WES CRAIG.

Deadly Class 6_Preview PageBy now if you’ve been buying this title than you know exactly what to expect from each issue and yet the creative team manages to keep the content therein surprising. That right there is the magic that keeps this sage full of cliques, teen angst and murder compelling. And this latest outing for any already invested is absolutely no different.

Rick Remender pens the script and once again the author continues to spin a truly terrible drug trip wrapped up in the pain of these primary characters. Currently their chief antagonist is about to exact revenge on our hero, if you can call him that. Marcus is up against the proverbial wall while facing down a very real gun. So without a doubt when you crack this one open there’s tension dripping while the burden of the Reagan Presidency takes a bit of backseat for our young killer. Secrets are slightly revealed as this opening arc concludes.

The illustrations handed in by Wes Craig were simply top notch as the talent proved once again his mastery over the material at hand. He never overburdened the page with unnecessary additions or indulged in over exposition while he embraced his quirky sense of design. Adding in the dynamic colors done by Lee Loughridge yielded a pleasing body of work that’s going to be well received by even the most critical eye.

Deadly Class #6 is exactly what it sets out to be and just a bit more. In other words it ends this arc while offering just enough substance to make the whole yarn an easy release to grade. Highly recommended.

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