Deadly Class #4 Review

With all the stuff on your pull-list do you really need to make room for this blast from a fictional past? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Class trip! Marcus, Willie, and Saya tear through a neon-soaked Las Vegas, high on life…oh, and a bunch of acid too. And when you’re a teenage killer-on-the-run, stalked by a mutilated psycho with a raging hard-on for revenge, you’re in for one baaad trip.

Deadly Class 4_Preview PageThis comic acts as further proof of the creative renaissance currently coming from this independent publisher. Granted they’ve delivered unique tales before but there’s something about the here and now that makes even the most seasoned fanboys and fangirls ask: what’s next? And this creative team has a resounding answer with a quality release in tow.

The script by Rick Remender is simple but compelling as the inner monologue and dialogue further develops our burgeoning class of potential assassins. It’s no shock to fans out there, as this particular author once again spins a yarn that exceeds even the most minor expectations. Our protagonist Marcus faces a journey full of drugs and potential obstacles. There’s a lot of background noise that’ll easily get people excited, especially when they reach the cliffhanger with two hardcore antagonists that will certainly create meaningful mischief for our distracted core cast.

The visual side of this equation can be readily described as mind altering, as Wes Craig brings light pencil strokes and a stylized touch to this complicated narrative. This is a road trip filled with acid and guilt which the illustrator perfectly captures on just about every page. The colors are their own animal, as Lee Loughridge does more than solidify an already formed display instead the talent evolves and grows its initial impact. I literally have zero complaints especially when the summation of the work complements the text so well.

Deadly Class #4 is entertainment that’s not perfect but really close. Thanks to the efforts of a top-notch creative team fans are treated with a unique jaunt that never loses its gripe on reality. It easily comes highly recommended.

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