Damsels #13 Review

Thirteen issues and a mini-series, is that enough? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

King Beaumont and King Persine struggle onward towards the fallen kingdom of Caumont, but are waylaid by a band of outlaws led by a rogue called Robyn. Red and Talia have made it to the sea, and a handy fishing vessel speeds them to Perrault. It all seems like plain sailing, but can it really be that easy? Having watched Sne?ana be stolen away, Ash and Tommelise are at a loss. How will they find her? Will Heinrich help them, or will he go in search of Rapa?

Layout 1I’m going to say what I felt when I closed this comic: is this how it ends? This is the final solicited release and for someone who’s been following since day one I have to say I’m having a bit of a mixed reaction. But to the creative team’s credit there’s still enough here to garner some attention.

Lean Moore and John Reppion once again pen this fantastical tale, as the sturdy literary duo do a fine job addressing their characters and their current situations. But to be frank the interactions therein felt extremely rushed and even hampered by some unnecessarily corny bouts of dialogue. There’s still good instances where they gave fans elements they’ve been waiting for but the way they executed their inclusion left me rather underwhelmed. I think we all wanted something more out of this, and it just didn’t feel like we got that.

The art by Aneke is just as sturdy as it has been. The talent has a knack for delivering the visuals when it comes to the zany world incorporated by the text. There are shortcomings, as physical inconsistencies left some actions in doubt but thankfully the colors by Lisa Moore kept everything in sync. To sum up: the visuals are the strongest part of this journey as they help carry it to completion.

Damsels #13 is an imperfect find that ends things but honestly feels far too rushed to really recommend to anyone but the already dedicated.

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