CUTTER #1 Review

Is this worthwhile? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

CUTTER: Issues 1-4, weekly throughout October!

What if that kid you and your friends picked on in your youth came back with a vengeance‚Ķ to kill you and your friends? That dark guilt-ridden fear is at the core of CUTTER, a cautionary tale about the sins of your past coming back to haunt you. Jeremy lives a quiet life with his wife in a rural town. Successful, stable, Jeremy is the guy next door. But he and his high school friends share a dark secret. And when that secret literally comes back to haunt them, Jeremy must confront his past and his own sanity as he comes face to face with a vicious serial killer… “The Cutter.”

Cutter 1_Preview PageThe victim count is climbing, as former students are forced to face the realities of their decisions in their adult lives. Having our prior mistakes return in the present has to be one of those things that we all fear and the creative team knows that. And that’s exactly what allows this whole thing to flow.

Robert Place Napton (Son of Merlin) and Seamus Kevin Fahey (Battlestar Galactica, The Following) work together to share with their audience a thriller. What we have here is a tale mostly from the perspective of Jeremy Samuels, a man from a graduating class that had something terrible happen at Prospect Creek. Flash forward to the present and a serial killer, The Cutter, is taking down those involved. What works within the narrative is how strict the authors were when adhering to genre tropes. There were points where the dialogue felt rocky, but never enough to derail the experience.

Beyond the written word the audience is treated by some stylish visuals. Christian Dibari from the first page to the final panel carries a to-the-point vision that innately captures the broad points of this weekly yarn. I was engaged by the talent’s renditions, as each seemed suited to the cause with designs that made the entire journey feel like an old slasher film. A few of the facial formations therein seemed a bit inconsistent but even so all of the material involved flowed into a rather sturdy display.

Cutter #1 leaves a mark, especially as the spooky season gets underway. This won’t be for everyone but horror enthusiasts should know that this start is worth a look. Recommended.

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