Copperhead #1 Review

Copperhead! The latest in the line of space western sagas…and while this may not be a new concept, Faerber and Godlewski look to offer a tale equivalent to “Deadwood in space”!

The official description from Image:

Welcome to Copperhead, a grimy mining town on the edge of a backwater planet. Single mom Clara Bronson is the new sheriff, and on her first day she’ll have to contend with a resentful deputy, a shady mining tycoon, and a family of alien hillbillies. And did we mention the massacre? Writer JAY FAERBER and the art team of SCOTT GODLEWSKI & RON RILEY bring you this gritty 24th Century Western with an extra-long first issue for the regular price of $3.50!

Copperhead 1 CoverSo, does it meet the “Deadwood” bar?

Not yet. But it has a ton of potential.

In “The Copperhead Telegraph” Jay Faerber freely admits,

“I’m not the first person to think of this.”

But this does not slow him down from creating a huge universe filled with interesting characters. And while much is left to the rest of the series, we get the character development and plot immersion necessary to look forward to issue #2.

The aliens are very alien, the humans are very human. Scott Godlewski’s art does its part in creating an environment where we feel both familiarity with the expected, and wonder for what might lie ahead.

Copperhead 1 Preview 1

I am excited to see where this story goes. It has just the right amount of grit to keep me interested, and just enough sentiment to keep me honest.

So yes, Jay. We will see you next month…

  • + Space! Western! Space Western!
  • + Copperhead brings a fresh look to the space western saga genre!
  • + Fantastic world-building! Plenty of potential for characters and conflict!
  • + Slow but solid start to an interesting take on a well known theme.

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