Conan the Avenger #5 Review

In the middle of a monstrous plot, can Robert E. Howard‘s iconic warrior match wits with blood thirsty elements in society? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Conan’s ally Agara has been imprisoned after learning a deadly truth—can he get word to Conan in time? Meanwhile, a witch sends a horrifying demon after Conan—will Conan find out who is behind these terrors before fear drives the city to tear itself apart?

Conan the Avenger 5_Preview PageIt seems that with each outing this creative team becomes more sure of itself. Each time I turn the page I’m given the chance to see these talents flex their muscles in a narrative that easily sequels the previous volume featuring our Cimmerian. But by Crom they also forge a new road for the favored barbarian who will one day be king.

Fred Van Lente delivers a script that makes use of the players without cheapening their roles. But the most important thing in this outing is that Conan gets a unique opportunity to be himself in a situation that might have called for tact but that’s just not our hero’s way. With smartly placed dialogue and enough narrative meat to keep an invested audience this adaptation is turning into a rather compelling journey. I did have some minor issues with a few plot developments but these wrinkles did little to hinder the whole of the experience.

The illustrations handed in by Eduardo Francisco were top notch as the talent effortlessly realized this ancient world. It can be hard to take on the strides of an adventure book, as pencil strokes get lost in the action on display, but not for this architect. Add in the dynamic colors by Michael Atiyeh and the entire display pulsates with life and danger in a winning combination that’s bound to please eager fanboys and fangirls.

Conan the Avenger #5 is exactly what I, as a fan of the Hyborian age, wanted to read. Kudos to Dark Horse Comics for keeping the favored barbarian alive and special thanks to this creative team for making this tale interesting. Recommended.

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