CHASTITY #1 Review

Is there enough material here to garner attention? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

In the 1980’s, after a career-ending injury shatters her (and, really, her mother’s) Olympic dreams, 17 year-old Chastity Marks finds an escape in a popular series of vampire novels… but little does she know that the novels conceal a secret underworld of blood, agony, and death – a world that she will be dragged into kicking and screaming. The classic Chaos! Character returns – reimagined, rebooted, and ready for blood!

Chastity 1_Subscription VariantThere’s no doubt in my mind that if someone chooses to purchase this release they’ll walk away a happy and content fanboy or fangirl. It doesn’t matter if they’re familiar with the prior iterations of this character or if this happens to be your starting point, because this creative team offers up a tale that feels fresh from its first page to its final panel. In short: this is worthy content.

Marc Andrekyo pens the script and I have to say that the way the author chooses to approach this origin story is spot on to what this comic needs. Through a carefully placed personal journey we see the descent of Chastity Marks in the wake of some painful personal blows. More so than the dialogue the narration is key as the scribe gives voice to a young woman with a troubled life that never, even for an instant, feels unimaginable in a sea of anecdotal responses.

Add in the illustrations done by Dave Acosta and the entire package more than flows with the potential of its protagonist. Each pencil stroke is a subtle examination that starts to plant some deep roots just before the shocking turn of events near the final few pages. Add in the colors by Thiago Ribeiro and I have literally no complaints about this wholly engaging visual display.

Chastity #1 is another winning release for this Chaos! relaunch. Whether you’re picking up the main title or not the quality contained within this one deserves a spot on your pull-list. Let it be known: this earns its accolades and comes highly recommended.

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