Chaos! #6 Review

Do any worthwhile characters survive the final blows of this crossover? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The final issue of the epic Chaos event, redefining Evil Ernie, Chastity, Purgatori, the Chosen, and the greatest horror comic universe of all time! A wave of suicide engulfs the United States. The conflicting forces of the Chaos Universe arrive at the Fairview Mental Institution to determine the fate of the world. Is it a new beginning or a new Armageddon?

Chaos! 6_Variant CoverWhat I enjoyed most about this mini-series has been the cast and their unique personalities. This is a dark journey wrapped up in the hard nosed punk attitude that absolutely gives it a different kind of flavor. Right or wrong the creative team capitalizes on that as they push their heroes and villains toward a climactic clash that’s bound to please.

Tim Seeley pens the script and if there’s one thing that’s clear it’s that when it comes to supernatural yarns there are few that deliver endings better. The author uses Chaos! #6 to reinvigorate an old line of characters while steadily pushing Evil Ernie, the Chosen, Mistress Hel, Purgatori and Chastity¬†toward a conclusion that fits. There were moments where several of the revelations contained in this outing got a little jumbled in the sprint to the finale, but for the most part everything turned out just fine.

With layouts by Clint Hilinski and finished visuals by Mirka Andolfo there’s no doubt that this comic book enjoys a calculated but endlessly rewarding display. Each page is lavished with personality and enough presence to sell an endgame that ebbs and flows with genuine authenticity for both new and old fans. Add in the colors by Walter Baiamonte and the entire experience becomes something noteworthy, despite any minor narrative shortcomings.

Chaos! #6 is not a perfect way to bring all this to a stop, but it manages to entertain and engage. There were moments where I wanted a bit more substance and time but in the end I walked away largely happy with properties that I’m now rather invested in. Recommended.

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