Chaos! #5 Review

Should this comic book really scare up some support? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The secret origin of Purgatori revealed as the Chosen kids make their way to The Clearview Mental Institution to confront Dr. Price, Chastity and Evil Ernie before they can unleash a wave of mutilation! There’s still time to pick up one of the most horrific comic books out there!

Chaos! 5_Variant CoverThere’s so much worth in these franchises, and I’m absolutely thrilled that their crossover re-introduction for a modern audience has been this good. As someone that grew up when these characters carried popularity in their own line, I’m happy to say that they’re being treated really well. And thanks goes to the creative team behind this, as we’re all given yet another engaging outing that’s bound to please.

Tim Seeley pens the script and the author does a marvelous job moving the players in this game. We have monsters on both sides fighting each other over the fate of the world, with some humor mixed in for good measure. This is an issue that fills in some narrative gaps while prepping the plot for a final confrontation that’s bound to turn some heads. There were a few bits of dialogue that didn’t read well with the concepts they were representing, but for the most part these hiccups were few and far between.

With layouts by Clint Hilinski and finished illustrations by Mirka Andolfo this book has never looked better. Every single panel is adorned with surefire pencil strokes that easily craft a world where these creatures can interact and fight. And that right there is what honestly mattered, as the final product receives a lively palette of colors by Walter Baiamonte. In other words the pictures are pretty, consistent and worth your attention.

Chaos! #5 is a penultimate issue that’s done right. It gets the final movements going, while managing to offer raw material that actually makes the whole of this mini-series more interesting. It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it earns the right for a recommendation from me.

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