Chaos! #2 Review

In our modern day full of superhero comic books, does this title and its varied players need to exist? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The hunt is on as the Chosen kids raise the dead in the search for Evil Ernie. Chastity revolts against Purgatori, leading to a vampire catfight to end all vampire catfights.

Chaos! 2_Variant CoverWhen an old universe, full of dynamic characters, has been dormant for some time I have to say the best way to bring them back is with a crossover just like this. The creative team has taken the spirit of Chaos! to heart as they ring in the line’s 20th Anniversary. It’s a thrilling jaunt which offers just a bit more meat to get eager fanboys and fangirls on-board as this train clearly heads toward Armageddon.

Tim Seeley absolutely nails the script with his clear and unique grip on the supernatural. With a résumé containing quite a few properties with a horror lean, the scribe easily nails his status as the perfect choice for these festivities. From the Chosen to the vampires and even Evil Ernie there’s a lot to handle, but what comes through is the personality. Dark humor ebbs and flows in a tale that entertains from beginning to end while the scribe succeeds in not sacrificing some light development. In short: this is a fun release with a rather compelling body of text.

I have to say my favorite feature is the art by Mirka Andolfo. The talent right from the beginning captures the innate nature of these monsters and potential heroes while building up a physical reality. That act enables quirky moments but also maintains consistent strokes. With the pencils in check the colors complete the package with Walter Baiamonte perfectly evolving the display to a point that looks downright awesome.

Chaos! #2 is an entertaining entry in a series that’s shaping up into something that deserves your attention. Add in the chance to see these characters in action with a solid narrative and we’re left with plenty of reason to pick up this comic book. Recommended.

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