Captain Midnight #14 Review

Is there time to save everyone involved in this dire plot? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Time is running out for Captain Midnight, as Tempus ups the stakes by taking a small town hostage. Faced with an awful choice, Captain Midnight can only protect the innocent townsfolk by releasing his dangerous inventions to a lunatic. It’s the good of the many or the good of the few, and Cap doesn’t have much time to decide: Save the hostages or protect the world?

Captain Midnight 14_Preview PageWe find our primaries in some hard situations as they all still feel the pain of their recent loss. And that right there is what the creative team capitalizes on as they set the stage for nuggets of information that are bound to excite dedicated followers. Project Black Sky certainly has its share of interesting antics but where else will you find an agent with a rocket pack?

Joshua Williamson pens a script that proves once again that Captain Midnight is an icon out of time that’s just worth rooting for. Our hero is faced with an impossible situation with his head literally up for grabs as a lunatic holds a whole town hostage. If that’s not enough in another corner of the world there be some interesting developments with Helios. Without spoiling anything all I’ll say is that the author knows his characters as he delivers a tempo that’s quick, fun and always interesting.

The illustrations handed in by Manuel Garcia complement the text as the talent crafts panels full of odd players and their tech. We’re dealing with some goofy concepts but because of these consistent pencil strokes the entire odyssey finds sure footing as Jim Albright and Agent Jones muster their gumption to take on impossible odds. Add in the colors by Marta Martínez and the whole of the comic is given a fitting display that only carries a few minor blemishes.

Captain Midnight #14 is a rock solid yarn that continues this latest arc without missing a beat. I’m left with few complaints as this flys with a recommendation.

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