Captain Midnight #11 Review

Should fans continue to buy into this zany monthly title? Or is it time to avoid it? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Captain Midnight has no time to mourn the death of an ally while an old friend is trying to kill him! Fueled by righteous fury, Midnight faces an impossible choice: Should he kill one friend to avenge another? Midnight pulls no punches to achieve a better tomorrow . . . but can he pull the trigger?

Captain Midnight 11_Preview PageFollowing an opening flashback the creative team builds off of the sturdy foundation found in last month’s release. Following a pivotal death the arc barrels on into a confrontation that’s been coming, as our man out of time comes face to face with a friend that’s an enemy. And as the dust settles yet another threat is revealed in classic comic book fashion.

Joshua Williamson continues to guide Jim Albright into the 21st century. Our hero has come face to face with Nazis and polar bears but they’re nothing when he faces off with Chuck Ramsey. The man went villain with Captain Midnight’s company and in this script the author capitalizes on that by giving both the protagonist and antagonist plenty of room to argue tactics and crimes. There were some hammy bits of dialogue and sequences that just didn’t roll as well as they needed to, but I still found myself invested in this jaunt’s ultimate outcome.

The visualizations done by Fernando Dagnino instantly peaked my interest, because the illustrator offers classic panel designs with just enough detail to convey the situation. Through the expert use of thick and thin lines we’re gives a versatile display that exemplifies our vigilante, especially through some outstanding and downright iconic sequences. Add in the colors done by Javier Mena and the end result is a strong component that makes use of its time without wasting a beat of ours.

Captain Midnight #11 is a success and the plot it sets up is rather intriguing, but there were off moments along the way. Even so it manages to earn a recommendation from me.

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