Captain Midnight #10 Review

Does this latest romp take flight or ultimately crash? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Captain Midnight’s search for his old sidekick, Chuck Ramsey, comes to an end—but, thanks to the teleporting assassin Helios, the meeting might not be the friendly reunion he expected.

One of Captain Midnight’s closest friends is about to die! Can he save them?

Captain Midnight 10_Preview CoverThis has got to be the single best issue of this series to date. The creative team has successfully brought their own mythology to the fore and developed it enough to deliver an emotional crescendo that fits within the confines of this established lore. In short: what we hold in our hands is exactly the type of comic I look forward to reviewing week in and week out.

The script by Joshua Williamson is a top notch read.  It begins with a worthwhile flashback that not only pays homage to our protagonist and one of his allies but also serves as a necessary buffer for what comes in the final pages. More than anything else the text is full of heart, as Jim Albright comes face to face with his old sidekick and all the terrible things he’s done in the name of Captain Midnight. We see the corruption laid bare, as Rick Marshall proves his mantle as a hero all his own. To sum up: this is a great piece that ebbs and flows with character.

When it comes to the visual side I have to say the work done by Fernando Dagnino continues to be a source of splendor that exceeds even my expectations. From the protagonists to the antagonists he captures their action in a way that instantly catches the eye and forces us to feel every single blow. What really completes the whole package however is the dynamic colors handed in by Javier Mena.  The whole thing is a fitting display that makes the price of admission more than worthwhile.

Captain Midnight #10 is a heartfelt outing that makes use of its cast, while pushing its narrative scope forward. It easily comes highly recommended.

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