Burn The Orphanage: Reign Of Terror #5 Review

Does this actually end well? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The epic, oversized conclusion of Reign of Terror is here! Rock, Bear, Lex, and their allies go toe-to-toe with the foes at MannCorp. Are they strong enough to survive? This finale is not to be missed!

Burn The Orphanage ROT 5_Variant CoverAnother volume of Burn The Orphanage has come to an end and all I can say is: where did the time go? The creative team once again succeeds in crafting a quirky, fun and all around engaging finale that’s bound to please. Whether you got hooked because of the early video game love or stayed for the topless ninjas it doesn’t matter. Any fanboy or fangirl looking for an action packed romp just needs this on their pull-list.

With robots and a maniacal organization to boot Daniel Freedman and Sina Grace continue to chart a chaotic road. Every bit of dialogue cuts right to the point in an over the top environment befitting the genres this title dabbles in. The pace is fluid and fast in a release that requires its audience to yet again sit back, relax and enjoy the street level antics of Rock, Bear and Lex. Whether fighting Mann Jr. or dealing with their own desires for a peaceful future, there’s a lot to love within the confines of this comic. But there were a few instances where conversations got a little bit too convoluted.

The illustrations by Sina Grace continue to be one of the brightest spots within this slightly aged franchise. Each page has sturdy and consistent pencil strokes that instantly threw me back to my youth. If you grew up playing with random action figures and odd video game properties there’s no doubt, in my mind, that you’re going to enjoy this. Especially when the colors Renee Keyes complete the package.

Burn The Orphanage: Reign Of Terror #5 is not for everyone but I literally have no complaints. The talents involved effortlessly end their arc and lay groundwork for more punching action, while delivering on the premise they promised to attack head on. Recommended.

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