Burn The Orphanage: Reign Of Terror #3 Review

Every single Wednesday we all get to see a plethora of franchises arrive at our local comic shops, but does this one manage to stand above the rest? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

When in doubt: call topless stripper ninjas for back-up.

Burn the Orphanage-Reign of Terror 3_Preview PageEvery once in a while there’s a property that comes along and instantly speaks to a generation. As a kid who grew up around, say, the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo era this title is a treat that keeps on giving. But as this second volume proves, it’s going beyond the zany antics of a 16-bit fighter. The whole package ebbs and flows with nostalgia while embracing its own unique perspective and yielding enough room for some creative thought before we reach the cliffhanger.

Daniel Freedman and Sina Grace work together to make this outing a reality, as Rock and his friends face some tough decisions in a brothel. As always, even in the shadow of a Reign of Terror the authors maintain their sense of fun with another brawling adventure. There’s no doubt that, despite the delays, the text remains in solid form as it perfectly continues Burn the Orphanage with plenty of solid dialogue that embraces the heyday of action movies and beat ’em up video games.

If the text is not enough to get discerning fanboys and fangirls to stick around then the art by Sina Grace should do the trick. Each page is lavished with personality and just enough detail to sell the outlandish plot elements at play. There’s a tender scene featuring a few protagonists in a warm embrace that shows technical skill and and fluidity with just a few simple panels. But when you add in the colors by Renee Keyes the comic book comes alive.

Burn The Orphanage: Reign Of Terror #3 is fun. I know that might seem like a silly way to grade this unrelenting odyssey complete with, you guessed it, topless ninjas but trust me it’s the truth. And through the minds of the men behind it we’re given something odd that comes recommended.

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