The Bounce #10 Review

After all that’s happened is this one super-powered mystery that really needs to be solved? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


Jasper Jenkins can’t hide anymore! The truth is out there—and the Darling might be the only one who knows what it all means! This is the issue you dare not miss!

The Bounce 10_Preview Page 1There’s a lot of meat to this tale and in quite a few ways I feel like we’re just getting started on whatever it is the creative team has been building toward. Nightmarish dimension crossing, mutations, and shady government organizations all seem to be converging around our protagonist as he starts to search for answers. The forces behind this do a great job but to be honest, I wish there was more within the confines of these pages.

Joe Casey pens the script and once again the author does a good job doing what he honestly does best: delivering fine tuned dialogue. He has a knack for giving each player a three dimensional personality without sacrificing our protagonist or the threat of The Darling. What he lacks in answers he makes up for in cleverly handed questions. Sure our hero is in the dark about what’s really going on around him, so are we, but this issue theoretically serves as a stage setter for what should be a wholly engaging eleventh outing.

The art by David Messina is once again crisp, clean and expertly detailed. The talent has a gift for bringing worlds to life while maintaining a strong foothold on some semblance of reality. I enjoyed his interpretation of the other dimension that our hero continually traverses along with the varied players therein. Add in the colors by Giovanna Niro and Fabiola Lenne and you have a very potent mix that sparkles and shines from beginning to end.

The Bounce #10 is another compelling yarn that easily catches my attention and should find its way on your pull-list. I highly recommend starting from the beginning but trust me after you make that initial investment you won’t regret it.

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