Artifacts #40 Review

Is this the end? Or the beginning? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

DOUBLE-SIZED SERIES FINALE! RON MARZ returns to the title he helped launch with a self-contained MAGDALENA story foreshadowing his new MAGDALENA series (coming in January) while wrapping up ARTIFACTS! Also inside are two talent hunt winner stories! One a story of the Witchblade deep in the heart of Africa in 1904, and the other a present day story of Tom Judge trying to help a man afflicted with an ancient curse.

Artifacts 40_Preview PageSince this franchise made the leap from event to monthly there’s been a sense of, at least for me, that the title was living on borrowed time. Each outing felt like a gift as the creators involved used this ongoing to further expand the lore on the varied gauntlets populating the Top Cow universe. And as we reach #40 I’m happy to report that things wrap up in a way that leaves the door open for more tales for years to come.

Every Story” is the main feature of the piece and for any Witchblade fans out there trust me that’s a good thing. Steve Foxe effortlessly jumps into a one and done dream journey where Sara Pezzini remarks on a former wielder, Salifah Zayid. For the most part the text flows effortlessly but there were a few instances that just came too easy. But with consistent and engaging art by Adalor Alvarez this addition to accepted lore turns into a fitting finish for Artifacts with the first lady of the TCU at its center.

For the Magdalena followers that have been missing her solo adventures since her third volume wrapped back in 2012, “With Teeth” hands you what you’ve been hoping for. Ron Marz and -ROM- give eager fanboys and fangirls a taste of the forthcoming title with just a hint about it’s opening arc, and yes it’s good. Following that we have “Fenrir’s Curse” by Jim Mitchel and Fabian Quintero. It’s a quick entry by Talent Hunt runner-ups where we see Tom Judge faced with the dilemma of werewolves and a bitten priest. It’s a bit rocky but the message of the text delivers a yarn with some worth.

Artifacts #40 is a notable addition that features a lot of content for a rather minor price tag. It ends things right before 2015 comes knocking around the corner as this comic book easily comes recommended.

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  • John McCubbin

    Yeah, Artifacts has left me feeling the same, with the Talent Hunt Winners putting the final nail in the coffin (though that doesn’t mean that the THW didn’t do a good job).