Is this a one-shot that’s worth owning? Read on to find out.

The official description from Valiant:

The ARMOR HUNTERS invasion has passed, leaving massive casualties and a fractured populace in its wake. Don’t miss the epilogue to Robert Venditti’s galaxy spanning epic, ARMOR HUNTERS, in the book that will set a new status quo for all of your favorite heroes! Find out here as X-O MANOWAR, UNITY, BLOODSHOT, THE HARBINGER RENEGADES and many more forge a new frontline of defense for the people of Earth!

Armor Hunters-Aftermath 1_Variant CoverIt’s hard to step away from any event and not have at least one issue that takes account of what happened and where the collective line-up of titles go from here. More often than not what that means is that fanboys and fangirls are given a forgettable comic that just doesn’t need to exist. However, sometimes the creative team involved happens to give their audience something that’s downright promising.

Robert Venditti pens a script that exists as the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae. Everyone’s favorite Visigoth warriror from the fifth century, Aric of Dacia, stands front and center with his allies in this release. The direct result of the invasion by the Armor Hunters is a wounded world that’s now aware of certain elements that have been kept from them. A few steady acronym changes and an easy to follow string of conversations keep the entirety of the piece workable.

The visuals by CAFU compliment the written word in a way that never undermines it. Each page is given just enough detail with a familiar birth of designs that only suffer from a few lackluster panels. For the most part the talent delivers consistent pencil strokes that informs the new narrative foundation. There’s also plenty of room for colors by Brian Sharpe in a comic that enjoys a rather sturdy array of images.

Armor Hunters: Aftermath #1 is a set-up meant to give both new and old readers something to grab hold to in the wake of a recent event. It does what it needs to do as it earns a recommendation.

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