Aphrodite IX #9 Review

Should this be a comic we all have to follow? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


The ninth issue of APHRODITE IX finally reveals what the numbering system really means. Plus, Aphrodite XV’s design and build reveals more about Aphrodite IX’s future—and her past—than she could ever anticipate.

Aphrodite IX 9_Preview Page 1There are many revelations in this release, so much so that I’m still just sifting through the possibilities even as I type up my review. With the end of this volume in sight its hard not to marvel at the fact that what we have here is a creative team that saw the potential for a character, who was originally just contained in a six issue mini-series, and they’ve given her a brand new arc and purpose. The end result is fascinating.

Matt Hawkins pens the script and I have to say I’m excited to see what this is building to. With the inclusions of other model types and a newly revealed artificial intelligence there’s certainly still plenty of room for conflict and growth. Perhaps what really gets my attention is the fact that the scribe takes the social and religious issues he plays with in Think Tank and he magnifies them on such a large scope that the result is over the top but never insulting to intelligence. It’s not heavy handed and the text plays all sides of the same coin in this tale focused on identity.

The author comments during Science Class that “working with such a brilliant artist as Stjepan Sejic, the art tells the story” and I couldn’t agree more. The gifted illustrator knows exactly how to execute some highly complicated visuals. From the overbearing technology to a widening army filled with religious zealots, this is easily one of the best looking comics arriving at local shops this week. Add in the colors and you have an experience that sparks with an almost intelligent design.

Aphrodite IX #9 proves the worth of its character with a literary and visual barrage that entertains on almost every conceivable level. Highly recommended.

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