Amazing Spider-Man #1.2 Review

Should true believers and newcomers spring the coin for this one or avoid it? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• J. Jonah’s Jameson’s crusade against Spider-Man kicks into overdrive! He warned us! He told us that kids might try to emulate Spider-Man! And he was RIGHT!
• Meet CLASH, New York’s newest menace. He may be Spidey’s biggest fan, but he’s about to become one of his worst enemies.
• Wanted by the cops, turned away by the Fantastic Four, his grades are slipping, and he still hasn’t figured out this whole crime-fighting-thing. Pete’s not a hero… not yet… but he’ll get there. Somehow.

Amazing Spider-Man 1.2_Preview PageWith the return of the original webhead it’s nice to take a competent journey into that past. Especially when it’s doesn’t ruin what came before and during it’s side-story narrative. And that’s what we get with this outing and despite some inconsistencies here and there the creative team delivers what should be described as a crowd pleaser.

Dan Slott has taken his share of beatings from a very vocal fanbase, but thankfully that hasn’t stopped the author from pursuing the tales that he wants to tell. And, from my perspective, that’s exactly what this intersection with familiar anecdotes boils down to. The author for the most part spins his webs and crafts a plot that feels natural save for a few wrinkles that make its aged exterior feel a bit too modern.

Beyond the literature the illustrations handed in by Ramón Pérez are what truly solidify the entire experience. The talent echoes Steve Ditko‘s original works without undermining his own sensibilities. And that right there is a hard line to walk but somehow he pulls it off in ways that left me grinning from ear to ear. Add in the steady colors offered up by Ian Herring and the visuals are without a doubt complete.

Amazing Spider-Man #1.2 is a comic book that embraces a shaky premise but manages to come out with something worthy of its initial undertaking. In other words my fellow fanboys and fangirls: I highly recommend it.

  • + Delves deeper into the early days of Spider-Man.
  • + Offers up more than enough new anecdotes.
  • + The creative team delivers on every level.
  • + It carries some outstanding panel work.

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