Alice Cooper #6 Review


Alice Cooper has been doing some great things, now that he is king of the Nightmares again, but there is someone or something that has different plans. Will our hero be okay after this run in? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dynamite:

“LIFE AND DEATH OF THE PARTY” – Alice Cooper, the Nightmare Lord, has reclaimed the seat of power in his own dark realm. It’s time to celebrate with a full-on tour of the weird dreamworld that our hero calls home…but there’s something sinister lurking in the shadows. Who is Doubting Thomas, and what does he want with Alice? It’s a done-in-one tale of terror!

Layout 1This issue is a really cool one and, I believe, a metaphor for what rock stars may feel sometimes when they are out of the game and brought back to the light. Alice has defeated his enemies and bringing the dream world a tour of his awesome show. However, a mysterious figure is taking his toll on Alice as he begins to show up saying some interesting things that are hindering him. We start to see Alice begin to doubt himself as an artist and it really affects him. However, the ending gives a look at who the bad guy is and it is really fantastic. It ends with a bang and realization of the Alice and his limits.

David Mack does a great job with this one shot story line. It is very interesting and has some really great character moments that give us a look at the main character. I really do like this issue quite a bit.

Brandon Jerwa is a great artist that brings the dark and light to the character in the best way possible. The artistry is swift and fun. It is, also, scary and dark that adds another dynamic that could be seen in this kind of story.

Alice Cooper #6 is a fantastic story that is done in one.

  • + A wonderful metaphor
  • + A fantastic idea
  • + Visually dark
  • + Fun and exciting!

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