The Adventures of Apocalypse Al #4 Review

Does the latest from Joe’s Comics go out with a bang or a whimper? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

In the fiery conclusion to Allison Carter’s investigation, she at last comes face-to-face with the man trying to bring about the end of the world…who has been working in secret with someone close to her the whole time. If love can be a reason to live, can it also be a reason to destroy…everything? This time saving the world may require the ultimate sacrifice. Does Al have what it takes? Or must we all confront the possibility that there is an ominous reason that this is only a four-part series?

Apocalypse Al 4_Preview PageThis comic series turned out to be an interesting volume. Sure it’s not the first title to attempt to spin a supernatural yarn based on a street level perspective, but with a strong creative team at its back we’re left with an arc that more than left a mark.

J. Michael Straczynski pens the affair and with each entry he’s made subtle improvements to the narrative without sacrificing the personality of Allison Carter. Our heroine stays true to herself even as she stares down the barrel of the literal apocalypse. What we’re left with is a fun and engaging script that sometimes stumbles over itself but never ceases to entertain.  And in the end the author keeps the spunk going as he reveals the real reason behind this whole nightmarish mess.

The illustrations handed in by Sid Kotain, from beginning to end, are rock solid visualizations. Each panel is given the proper amount of attention, as layers of lines build up a world full of demons, detectives and of course Ultimate Darkness. Add in the colors done by Bill Farmer and the entire comic becomes a tailored treat that deserves a look from any discerning fanboy or fangirl. To sum up: it’s a good book that’s easily purchase worthy.

The Adventures of Apocalypse Al #4 is not a tour de force of emotion, but is it a highly engaging release that easily earns a recommendation from me.

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