Abe Sapien #14 Review

This Wednesday should you even bother picking this up? Or is it time for this dynamic spin off to come to a timely end? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Abe tries to find out what’s haunting the young woman he’s traveling with, while his own past catches up to him. Abe goes underwater for answers, but a crazed witch claims to hold the answers they both need.

Abe Sapien 14_Preview PageThere’s a lot going on for our beleaguered protagonist, but I’ll be honest this jaunt honestly made me a happy fanboy because it proved to be a striking entry in a sea full of potential narrative pitfalls. In other words: the creative team rocks it and yet again does more than enough right to garner both attention and praise as they set things up.

Mike Mignola and Scott Allie work together to pen a script that makes use of our current cast of characters while adding a few creepy wrinkles to the lively festivities. In this outing both Abe Sapien and Grace carry their share of emotional issues and we get to explore them within the confines of this story. To the credit of both authors there are quite a few riveting pages therein that are dripping with purpose as these sequences crescendo brilliantly to a fitting cliffhanger.

The illustrations done by Max Fiumara remain as my favorite feature when it comes to this ongoing title. The talent effortlessly expands on the world we know while paying respect to our fish-man and his overall literary legacy. Add in the colors by Dave Stewart and I’m left with literally zero complaints regarding this display. To sum up: it holds onto a moody atmosphere that embraces the apocalyptic landscape around it, while simultaneously building up the personalities of our primaries.

Abe Sapien #14 is an easy comic book to review because it’s that rare franchise which carries instant quality. Born from the shadow of B.P.R.D. and forged under its own trials this is certainly a property that deserves a spot on your pull-list. In other words this easily comes recommended.

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