Review: Brain Boy #0

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If you love a good origin story about a physic boy who becomes a United States gem, then read on.

“When the United States Secret Service needs to make sure a location is safe for the president, they call Matt Price, a.k.a. Brain Boy, the world’s most powerful telepath. Raised by his parents’ employer after their deaths, Matt studied and honed his incredible psychic abilities under the tutelage of Albright Industries. Jump back in time to one of Brain Boy’s first missions with this #0 issue. He may have a powerful mind, but he’s in over his head!

The world is much safer because of the awesome Matt Price, I mean he could do just about anything that he wants and after the last couple of issues. I would say that is BrainBoy_0true. However, he didn’t start out completely awesome. In fact, just like all hero’s, he had some slips and an origin story with a first case. That is what you’re getting from Brain Boy #0. It is one of Brain Boys first cases, which is awesome. This particular issue is very good. I really enjoy seeing our famous hero not being so perfect. Now, I understand, that Matt Price is far from perfect but this issue makes him seem more human than anything. I believe that is why I like it so much.

Fred Van Lente (Archer & Armstrong) is a very talented writer and really knows what he is doing with this issue of Brain Boy. He has a way of going and showing us, what it’s like to be Matt Price in the beginning, which some people do not know how to do. He does it flawlessly.

Freddie Williams II (Green ArrowCaptain Atom) does a great job of illustrating the story. It fits with the writing and its, also, gives some chances to breathe with artistry because it is an origin. He shows us this with every panel.

Overall, I give it a five out of five for originality and the fun of the issue.




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