Reed Gunther #10 review

How do I summarize Reed Gunther for those who haven’t read it? Reed Gunther #10 doesn’t really answer the question, but its an interesting read none the less.

The official description from Image:

The evil, murderous being, Mr. Todd unleashes his fury on Reed! Will anyone survive? And what happens to the possessed Sterling?! Will one of the loveable main characters meet their ultimate demise?! Find out in this thrilling conclusion!

Unfortunately, this is the last in the current run of Reed Gunther, so its a hard issue to get behind. However, what I read was quite good. In what can only be described as ‘perfectly silly’, the title follows the titular cowboy Reed Gunther, a woman named Starla, and a bear named Sterling.

This isn’t a title that likes to take itself seriously. The art style is fun, and the narrative isn’t dead-pan serious either.It sounds odd and loose, but the combined elements do work in an odd way. The art style is reminiscent of the comics that used to grace weekend newspapers; its cheerful.

Its good to see it embracing its mad concept, though. There’s a two page splash in the middle that just goes nuts with the idea. Its detailed in all forms of madness and lunacy that not only give the characters more flavor and depth, but fully embraces and takes the titles fun nature and runs with it, rewarding the audience for getting this far.

As for the plot? Its about as silly as the concept, which is good. This isn’t a title that should be serious and focused. Its quick, engaging and keeps the action going.

All in all, its a great issue. The main downside is that Reed Gunther #10 is the conclusion, not the beginning. In short, its probably the worst issue in the series for new readers to pick up.


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