Red Sonja #72 Review

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Do the continuing adventures of the ‘She-Devil with a Sword‘ really warrant a purchase or has this character simply overstayed her welcome?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

There are old scores to settle, and new threats on the horizon as the She-Devil with a Sword carves a bloody swath across the Hyborian kingdoms. This time, Red Sonja’s travels have brought her full circle, back to her native Hyrkania, where an ancient feud once again blazes to life.

The character of Red Sonja is one that can easily be written off as a rather dogmatic repetition that fulfills the idea of a tough girl while sporting a tiny outfit to cater to a predominately male fan-base.  But the unique thing about these preconceptions is the potential results born from a strong creative team taking them on.  And with these two men steering the proverbial ship the end result is a comic book that might just surprise you with its narrative depth.

Eric Trautmann delivers a strong script that takes the basis of a simple story and expands it into a very personal jaunt.  Our protagonist has been dealing with a lot of problems recently and in this latest saga we see our hero set her gaze firmly on some issues dealing directly with loss.  From the dialogue to the character development this tale is a formidable one, but there are moments where the pacing is wholly inconsistent as the recurring overabundance of narration slows the kinetic flow.

Marcio Abreu does a fine job with the art, offering up pencil strokes that birth just enough detail to carry the comic to completion.  There are some moments where the journey to fruition is fraught with some unnecessary deformities that threaten to derail the work on display, but for the most part a consistent balance is struck.  The fruits from these labors is a very stable looking comic book.

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Red Sonja #72 is a very good outing that sees our heroine begin a rather personal quest.  Recommended.


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