Reality Check #4 Review

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Now with more meta-layers.

We have arrived at the end of the mini-series, yet seem to be suspended between layers of meta-meaning. Right from the start this series was very honest about what it was and how it should  be taken. Four issues in, and I am still impressed with its ability to stick to the formula established in the first. All this without even thinking about the actual story/plot. Not too shabby.

The official description from Image:

Reality Check 4 CoverDark Hour has been defeated. Will is forced to “Man Up” and face the maniac Devil-Inside on his own. If he loses, all Hell breaks loose — Devil will kill the woman he loves and continue an unstoppable homicidal reign of murder and mayhem.

As I have been saying throughout my reviews for this mini-series, Glen Brunswick kept really great pace with the flow of the story. It never felt rushed. The flashbacks were well placed. And the action to dialog ratio was great.

Something has been nagging at me – I can’t help but to think that this story can be read in at least two different ways: 1) At face value – it is a fun, action packed dramatic tale of redemption and heroics; 2) Super deep – with the potential for several layers of meaning, from its meta-meta-meta plot, to the true meaning behind regret and the “Devil-Inside”, this book could be studied in a psych or philosophy class.

Am I reading too much into all of this? Probably. But hey, that is the beauty of it all!

Viktor Boydanovic’s art has been fantastic throughout the mini-series. It fits with the story perfectly. I couldn’t imagine it illustrated any other way. And I am not one to complain about nuances in panel art, but there appears to be some weirdness, maybe my eyes, heck, maybe an optical illusion when viewing Alison in the guillotine. Whatever it is, it is completely made up for near the end of the issue with a full page of building tops and nigh sky – simply beautiful.

Reality Check #4, like the three that came before it, is worth the read. It has a nice, non-rushed ending and a few unexpected twists and turns. Overall, this mini-series deserves the rating that each of the issues have been getting all along. Nice job!




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