Reality Check #2 Review

It must be ‘bring your creator to work day’…

Issue two is a great follow-up to the series’ inaugural meta-meta-meta issue. It wasn’t a dream. Willard Penn’s creation has left page and entered the “real” world. The only problem? Dark Hour doesn’t want to go back to banal loveless pages of Will’s book. He wants to find love, no matter how many “wrong places” it takes him.

The official description from Image:

Will is having one bad day. The woman who broke his heart has returned and she may actually have a thing for Dark Hour – the fictional hero come to life from Will’s imagination.  Meanwhile, the hideous Devil-Inside stalks their every move, waiting for the perfect moment to kill them all.

Who or what is that on the cover? A zombie? A starved Doomsday? No – that is “Devil Inside”, this book’s and the book within this book’s main villain. That is if you don’t count Will’s life – because wow – his life couldn’t get much worse, even if it was the story’s antagonist.

Glen Brunswick’s story continues to be a creative mix of super-hero learning moments, meta descriptions of the life of a comic creator, and a comedic tragedy that could only befall the most downtrodden of protagonist characters. Those familiar high school lunch period feelings flood back as your brain tries to comprehend all the levels creativity captured within these pages. Glen has really taken a complex concept and made it easy to consume.

Once again, I have to praise Viktor Boydanovic’s art – it makes this story shine. There is a fantastic depth of expression in each character, and the display of metamorphosis on the final page really illustrates the breadth of his abilities. I am looking forward to the next issue, as it looks like this book is about to get a lot less “pretty”.

Reality Check #2 is definitely worth the read. Continue down the rabbit hole into the very strange world of Willard Penn.


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