Real Heroes 3

Real Heroes #3 Review

Real Heroes 3

Real Heroes 3With the basic plot outlined, Real Heroes #3 has a lot to prove. For a title that comments openly on the superhero genre it needs to ensure it doesn’t ultimately turn into one itself.

The official description from Image:

Lost and alone in a world they only knew as fiction, the cast of The Olympians movies are beginning to realize things aren’t easy when fantasy is made reality. The dangers are all too real and it might mean their deaths when Brainchild and Brute come to defeat the world’s greatest heroes.

As enjoyable as this issue is, there are a few elements that are annoying. It feels like a typical part-3 in a 4-part series. It reveals enough information and jumps the plot forward just enough to set-up to final battle, revelations etc. There’s plenty to read in between the lines, but it’s not subtle enough and clever readers will likely guess the outcome (although we could always be wrong). Still, it does intertwine this with a lot of character elements. The series plays up the superhero genre and the idea of actors trying to live up to their role image is at the heart of the series and, thankfully, it’s something Real Heroes #3 doesn’t forget.

That said, the writing needs to step up. Bryan Hitch clearly has a handle on character but he needs to let a few elements go. I get that these guys are actors but do they need to point it out so often? Every so often the dialogue has to say something along the lines of “just like in the movie”. The endless recursion gets in the way and pulls you out of the narrative – something that doesn’t help in a title which itself is playing on reality and perception.

Art-wise, this issue is hard to sum-up. Hitch is a talented artist – while his pencils are good he has a better flare for color – but there isn’t anything new in this issue. It looks very much like the last two and, while I praise the consistency, Hitch doesn’t give himself new chances to show-off visually.

All in all it’s not a bad issue, but it is very obviously getting from point A to B. Many readers won’t mind this, so long as the ride is fun, in which case this is worth a read.

  • + Plenty of action!
  • + A decent take on the superhero genre!
  • - Dialogue needs tidying up
  • - Nothing new visually

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