Quantum & Woody #4 Review

Each month Quantum and Woody gets better with each issue and with the introduction of the oft-promoted goat in issue #4 it’s easily the best and most fun so far.

Official description from VALIANT:
The staggering first appearance of… the Goat! Bitterly divided and hopelessly outgunned, Quantum and Woody are getting torn apart! Literally! Can they get their #$@% together before being shredded to atoms by the mysterious Crone and her super-science footsoldiers?! Probably not. But when a new ally emerges from the shadows, they’ll find the strength to fight baaaaack.

I can’t tell you how much I love Quantum and Woody but I am going to try without just repeating the word awesome but that would sum it up in a nutshell. Just like Justin Timerlake brought sexy back writer James Asmus has brought fun back…to comics. There’s plenty of strange villains, funny one-liners, slapstick comedy and now a goat that will simply blow your mind. But how does said Goat get involved? After Quantum and Woody have separated after fighting the Johnny twins we get an all access pass behind the scenes look at the main villainous group, Edison’s Radial Acquisitions. In true Asmus style and pure villain gold the story of the E.R.A. is presented via filmstrip from Beta-Max who has a filmstrip projector installed into the cybernetic half of his body.

One of the many technologies the E.R.A. has secured is a wealth of animal based scientific study with the results simply called the “Breakthroughs.” One of those Breakthroughs is, what is destined to become, the almighty Goat. When let loose against E.R.A. the results are both shocking and hilarious. Bat-Cow has met his match!

The action is the most we’ve seen in any one single issue and the comedy mostly extends from Eric and Woody still discovering their powers as they go along. While there’s plenty of humor there is also the underlying story of the brother’s growing up together and how they each interpreted their dad’s love. It caused strain and conflict that lasted up until their father’s death in issue #1 but throughout the series they have been continually growing in their understanding of what family is all about.

Tom Fowler continues to outdo himself each issue as well and his style is such a perfect fit for the tone of this series. He does an exceptional job splitting between the filmstrip section and the flashbacks sequences that tell E.R.A.’s history and proceeds to goes crazy with the all out fight scenes. One thing Fowler does so well to make the comedy come across so spot-on is his ability to illustrate facial expressions for all characters, especially when Quantum is behind his mask, which is crucial to make it all work.

Quantum and Woody #4 is great! That’s it! Simply great. The combination of fun, action, superheroes, villains (weird villains) and the small dash of the brothers family life as children makes this book one of the single best titles from, not only Valiant, but ANY publisher. It’s one of my favorites and now that the Goat is here I only expect my love for the book to grow exponentially. Read Quantum and Woody because it’s awesome! OK, had to say it because it’s true.