Protectors, Inc. #8 Review

What is happening in the newest issue of Protector’s inc? Are we going to figure out who is killing our hero’s or anything else? Read on to find out more.

After having mysteriously disappeared over a decade earlier, The Patriot has returned from his long absence. But what has prompted this sudden reappearance? Does he know something of value about the murders that have lately gripped Chicago in a fist of terror…or is he trying to hide something? Who do you trust in an organization where everyone wears a mask and very few tell the truth? Detective John Riley must decide whether or not to trust someone he once idolized, but who may now be a serial killer.

┬áIt seems like an interesting time to be a superhero because people ProtectorsInc_08-1are dying left and right. It is ridiculous and crazy but it had to be done. I really love this comic because it brings suspense and other worldy aspects within it. It seems quite nice and really works. This issue is great because we get some past look at at The Patriot and some ideas of detective Riley has been like within his past. It is a nice door to a world. It, also, adds a level to the overall comic because it is something that you wouldn’t suspect.

The writing was great for this issue. There are some things that I wish would move a long but there is enough development and mystery that makes it worth reading till the end. It is something that some comics can’t or don’t do but this one has itself together.

The art is spot on and I think that it is something that that really adds a dynamic especially to this issue. It was interesting and neat.

Protector’s Inc is a great series with some new stuff with every issue.

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