Prophet #42 Review


prophet_bannerProphet #42 offers a simple story and concept, which makes a nice change from the large background of the title itself. That said, does it still feel like a Prophet issue?

The official description from Image:

The Prophets learn more of the mysterious creatures that threaten them while Troll bonds with one of the greatest forces in the universe.

This issue is, in short, a one-shot. While it’s framed well, it serves no apparent purpose to the larger arc and, for some, likely offers a welcome breath of fresh air. In short, it’s a flashback that, while charming in its own right, doesn’t feel very Prophet. That said, it does highlight a little Prophet_42more about Diehard, which is one of the more interesting characters in the title.

While the opening is written by series’ regular Brandon Graham, the meat and bones of the issue is from Ron Wimberly. As I said, it does have its charms, but it does feel as if its a general fantasy story that has had a few names changed here and there to fit into Prophet. There are no unique settings, sci-fi concepts or engaging attrition – it’s good, but it’s not Prophet.

Visually, this issue also takes a new turn with an artwork style from Giannis Milonogiannis. It’s very angular in its approach and, honestly, it’s not very likeable. Nothing is clear and distinct. On the other hand, the softer pastel palette from Joseph Bergin III suit the setting, but the lack of easily-defined detail really doesn’t help. Some of the scenic views and larger panels are good, but the more complicated scenes and close-ups get lost through this lack of detail and focus.

In short, it’s not a bad issue and while long time readers might want it for their collection, it’s one of those issues you can easily skip over when going back through the collection. It’s certainly pleasant, but it just doesn’t add anything to the ongoing title.



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