Prophet #39 Review

Prophet #38 is a bit of a one-shot this month. Normally I’m pretty sure I would complain about that sort of thing.. yet it actually works to Prophet‘s strengths in this one.

The official description from Image:

Die-Hard, a cyborg trying to regain his humanity, looks back over the thousands of years since his birth.

I called this a one-shot, but it’s actually somewhere between a retrospective and a montage. It follows diehard through history (a lot of history… he’s quite old). It ties in with the overall story nicely – nothing is irrelevant and every little detail helps. It also gives Diehard a greater sense of character, something that’s been teased in recent issues.

The writing plays to it’s strengths this time. Diehard is a quiet, solemn character but the narration takes full use of this, offering an honest view of the cyborg. Brandon Graham and Simon Roy are able to thread Diehard through the context of the story and setting, which offers everything a much more solid grounding as a result.

Yet, honestly, it’s probably the visuals that make this issue special. Graham and Roy often let the large panels do the talking, with a change up in artist every so many panels. It reflects the periods of Diehard’s life well, with different aesthetics and color to highlight the change in period. I could list them all but that would be spoiling it. I am, however, very impressed with the art of James Stokoe. It goes well with the color and themes of Prophet yet offers a display of detail that the series needs at times. That and a really awesome double page spread.

There’s really not much else to say. Great story, great art and a big talent pool working to make something a little different – and it works, too. That doesn’t always happen.