Prophet #38 Review


Prophet #38 does a lot for the title and story, pushing it along the lines it needs to go. That said, it still can’t help bluntly forcing in other elements along the way.

The official description from Image:

It’s a race for power, with Prophets seeking to enslave the children of Badrock to use them as living weapons against a new mysterious foe.
This issue is more or less split into two halves, showing the two Prophets doing all manner of weird space things. It’s well defined, although the separation in the middle is very.. dis-jarring. A name is mentioned in the first half, which cuts to a full-page picture and text description of the character. Whilst I appreciate the pause between two stories, there must be a better, more subtle way to announce “hey, this character right here is going to be important!”.
As side from this, the writing itself is the typical high standard of Prophet. It doesn’t always make sense, often speaking in poetic license over solid facts, but this is part of Prophet‘s charm. The cast and characters are well defined by now, with Brandon Graham and Simon Roy coming to understand the smaller cast being focused on lately. More than Badrock this time, this issue further references other Image characters. Again, I’m still unsure how including typical ‘superheroes’ really fits into the bleak sci-fi landscape of Prophet.
Similarly, the artwork itself is of the same standard expected by Simon Roy and Giannis Milonogiannis. It’s very colorful, although flat. That said, part of Prophet‘s appeal are the wide variety of unique settings and backdrops, of which there are very few new ones here. This works once in a while, however, since returning to locations grounds more of the story and brings familiarity. For issue 38, that might not be a bad thing at all.

All in all, Prophet #38 is very enjoyable. It still explores it’s unique setting, concepts and characters, despite a few minor faults. With a promising storyline, Prophet is offering more and more potential for the future.


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