Popeye #10 Review


From start to finish, Popeye #10 is a simple, yet delightful story that focuses that entertains and keeps you reading. Even if the ending is slightly obvious, the charm and humor found within is enough to warrant picking this issue up. Its a good example of Popeye, and younger audiences will also appreciate the simple, family appropriate messages about friendship.

First, the official description from IDW:

AMERICAN TOAR! Toar, that big mountain of a man, wants to become an American citizen… but it’s only by going toe-to-toe with Popeye that he can prove he’s got what it takes! Plus: Sappo and Wotasnozzle go on a picnic and meet the scariest ants you’ll ever see!

This issue knows how to open and get your interest. The opening page starts at the end of the story, as do various Popeye stories, showing the titular sailor in a position you wouldn’t normally find him. Normally, this is a simple gimmick, but finding Popeye without his friends just works; it instantly gets you hooked in to find out the what lead to these events.

The result of this is a story that works well with after grabbing your interest. The story itself also features Toar. Whilst Toar is a likable enough character his accent does pose a slight challenge. If readers struggle to perfectly understand and translate Popeye’s accent, then Toar will be just as much of a challenge. Having the two characters speak like this makes the dialogue quite difficult. As the two central figures of this issues plot, its safe to say a lot of the dialogue isn’t in plain english.

That said, it does somehow suit the character of the story. Popeye and Toar aren’t intelligent characters, speaking academically, but the appeal has always been through the motifs, themes and messages expressed through their personality (and by generally winning a lot of fights). Popeye #10 doesn’t lecture the reader. Like the best of the series, the story is plain and simple, giving a happy ending and message without patronization.


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