Peter Panzerfaust #17 Review

As this series reaches its seventeenth issue is there enough humanity within this realistic interpretation to guarantee an audience? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“THE HUNT” Part Two

Lily continues the hunt, honoring her father’s memory…one kill at a time.

The fourth story arc of the hit critically acclaimed series continues.

Peter Panzerfaust 17_CWhy does this concept work so well? It’s a question I’ve pondered since before I began covering it on UTF. The only explanation I can really give is that when you have rock solid source material and a gifted creative team skies the limit as to what can happen when the two combine on the comic book page. This latest outing focuses in on a tale of revenge that fits the era and the players involved, as we see a heroine continue her campaign during a devastating world war.

Kurtis Wiebe again delivers a script that keeps its wits in front of the overbearing obstacles that could easily detour it. I love how he writer Tiger Lily, her voice is an anchor that compels the reader forward while maintaining a grip on some semblance of reality. That right there is what makes her successfully going through a checkpoint or heading directly into a shootout with an expert marksman believable on some level. There are off moments that detract from the overall quality, specifically a conversation on the road with Julien, though brief, felt unnecessary.

The art by Tyler Jenkins over the course of this series has grown more comfortable with its own unique spin on the narrative. I’ll be honest I have trouble seeing the talent on another title but right here he sparkles and shines, with a visual presence that makes this book a must own. He matches and amplifies the prowess of the text by implementing a simplistic but fetching display that, combined with the colors done by Kelly Fitzpatrick, will surely draw attention.

Peter Panzerfaust #17 is a different entry in the realm of comics that might divide but truthfully shouldn’t. Especially since it’s a continually quality yarn that easily comes recommended.



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