Peter Panzerfaust #12 Review

Is this tale of lost boys and their Pan set in the middle of a world World War still going strong?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

An official meeting of top German officials in a nearby town spells trouble for operations in The Sticks. But, something much worse is about to arrive.

With the weight following the reveal of the hunters brought forth by the Hook, the squad of orphans and their leader are going through some growing pains.  Their lives, from the start of all this have become more complicated with each passing page. But somehow the creative team has given readers a yarn that echoes the core elements that make the human experience worthwhile even in its darker days.

Kurtis J. Wiebe continues his original franchise by evoking the divergent elements of this odd coupling of two very distinct genres.  I found the skill of the scribe to be more than up to the task as he elegantly crafts a coming of age story wrapped in a yarn that evokes both bravery and stupidity.  This is war, and there are consequences to the actions taken by a select few leading to what can only be described as fallout for next month’s release to sift through.  In short: the author brings another outstanding tale to life while also paying close attention the individual character’s therein.

The art by Tyler Jenkins continues to evoke elements of fantasy even during moments that are terror based.  I find the skill of the talent works both during the slower scenarios and later on in the more complicated action sequences.  There were however a few panels where they felt a bit confused because of some visualizations as the innate powers of the illustrator didn’t quite execute them as well as I would hope to see.

Peter Panzerfaust #12 is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but there’s enough within the confines of these pages to keep the overall quality of the series alive and well as it earns a recommendation from me.


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