Peter Panzerfaust #10 Review

The end of the second story arc in this fantastical re-imagining of the storied property is here, but after ten issues is this truly a series that’s still worth following?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“PARIS” Conclusion

The aftermath of a dangerous rescue mission leaves the group fractured and forever changes the face of their war.

When this original concept first surfaced I, like many people, had no idea how to react to it.  The idea of taking one of the most instantly recognizable fairy tale properties and setting it within World War II sounded outlandish at best.  But through it all this adaptation has proven its worth time and again, as this latest release proves itself underneath that mantle.

Kurtis J. Wiebe continues to spin this yarn, and he does so with a heavy narrative that not only delivers emotional impact worthy of the era but it also gives its fantasy roots their proper due.  From start to finish this author calls upon some very sturdy dialogue to illustrate the journey of Peter and his Lost Boys during some difficult and trying times.  But more paramount than that fact is that this romp also highlights the importance of happiness, connection and tender things that even in the most extreme circumstances people need to hold onto in order to survive.

That art by Tyler Jenkins continues to exude a unique quality that gives this saga its own soul.  From the characters to the locales this talent is more than up to the task as his brilliantly timed pencil strokes offer up a coherent but stylized vision.  The end result is a visceral experience that has an occasional hiccup here and there, but for the most part never ceases to impress its dedicated audience.

Peter Panzerfaust #10 is an exemplary outing that not only offers a fitting conclusion to this arc but adds in some more character development to boot.  I could complain about minor details that bothered me a wee bit but overall this is one comic book that I’m proud to say comes highly recommend.


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