Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #2 Review

This old school hero gets new life in this series, but is it worth your money and time?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

In “The Grand Illusion,” Peter Cannon heads to Japan on business, reflecting on how his act of rage unleashed a dragon upon the world and led this very private hero to become a very public celebrity. When he arrives in Tokyo, his more immediate concerns include fighting off a mysterious band of assailants-and coming face-to-fact with the mysterious, murderous Master Tiger!

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt got off to a rather strong start with its pilot issue (you can read our review for that jaunt here) and this release continues to show some strength even as it takes some narrative missteps.  Despite that though, that art continues to soar to new heights detailing a world and characters that honestly continue to be flesh and blood hyper-real people that are well worth your time.

Steve Darnall and Alex Ross handle the script, giving readers some much needed back-story and plot progression as this series moves forward in a completely character-driven direction.  What we have here is an interesting romp that’s chock-full of development, as Peter Cannon retells his life story and the turning point that brought him to where he is today.  It’s a fascinating but at times underwhelming read, as the authors bury the story under some really unnecessary inner-dialogue that simply takes away form the overall issue experience.

Jonathan Lau does a solid job on the art taking this retro character and applying him to some rather dynamic scenarios.  From start to finish, each pencil stroke informs a visceral experience that bleeds a kinetic energy absent from many comics on the market today.  That being said, there are some panels that look rather bland but those minor missteps are few and far between.

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #2 is a good second outing that does suffer from some pacing problems, but overall it comes recommended.


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