Pathfinder: City of Secrets #2 Review

With our Pathfinder hero’s already getting into another adventure, what will come forth of this newest epic? Read on to find out more.

The Pathfinder heroes are plunged into danger as a new threat emerges in Magnimar. Ezren ambushed, Kyra targeted, Merisiel tempted by her past… Will the group endure? Come see why Pathfinder is the industry’s best-selling fantasy tabletop game.

Okay, so our heroes have been starting their new adventure but there is


already some danger and some new characters that are going to play a big role in the overall arch of this story. It is seen more in this issue with all the characters having some issues of their own. First off, the issue starts quite quickly with something going wrong all the character

s are plunged into their own little min story, which works very well with the story.  Each one has their own little bit that not only develops the characters but, also, moves forth of the story and gives us insight to where these characters are in development. I will say that the one person that I will highlight is Ezren, when this character is attacked you will see things that will make you really like the character and sympathize a little.

The writing for this issue is very well done and continues the story in a way that makes it fresh and new but, also, allows for new character development. It just makes the comic worth reading. The one problem that I have is that it’s kind of slow in development even though so much happens. It kind of drags a little but I think it will get better.

The art is spot and really shines in this issue. The way that the world pops quite well for the fantasy aspect is awesome.

Patherfinder #2: City of Secrets drags a little but works really well for developing

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