Original Sin #6 Review

It seems the world is about to get a whole lot more scary, once the questions get answered in the Marvel universe, so what reveals are happening, read on to find out more.


Okay in the last issue, we had Nick Fury reveals that he is has been detailprotecting the universe and planet Earth from a far, while maintaining his Earthly duties. It is very odd but it works. This issue goes forward from that, where Nick reveals that he is dying and aging at an accelerated rate because of the formula he uses is gone. The superhero’s are understanding what is going on, sorta, but they feel betrayed by Fury. This leads to mistrust among them. Then, we flash and see that Midas, is coming to the moon and that this is not good. Along with Midas, other superhero’s are on their way up to the moon as well. This causes Fury to go into crazy mode and use his robots keep the hero’s in place while he tries to get answers. It seems that there may be no hope but we don’t know why. We, also, don’t know who killed The Watcher, which is super annoying.

The writing is great but I wish more was revealed. It seems they are biding their time, which is fine, but it is really starting to lose my interest. It is really too bad. The other part, I don’t like is that the last two issues have been super confusing. It seems things are revealed but I don’t clearly understand it.

The art is spot on. I really like that the person can draw multiple of the same character but distinguishing them in a way. It is very odd but very cool. The coloring is just great. It is all very good.

Original Sin #6 is a great series but needs to answer questions.

My name is Eric. I live in Iowa. I am a writer, actor, director, and much more. I am, also, an LGBT activist.