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Courtney Crumrin #7

Written By: Ted Naifeh and Warren Wucinich

Art By: Ted Naifeh and Warren Wucinich

Description: Courtney barely has time to feel the pain and heartbreak of betrayal before she and Calpurnia are forced to run again. Taking refuge in the swamp, the witches find an unexpected ally, and Aloysius discovers that his pupils are more powerful than even he had realized.

32 pages, $3.99.

Glitter Kiss Volume 1 TP

Written By: Adrianne Ambrose

Art By: Monica Gallagher

Description: One kiss from Tinka’s sparkling lips leads to some unexpected consequences for the callous boys of Portage High School. After a secret romance goes up in flames, she looks to a fortune teller for answers on finding true love, which leads to the summoning of some accidental–but hilarious — magic. But in the end, Tinka has to learn to take responsibility for her own decisions, with or without the aid of magic.

160 pages, black and white, $15.99.

Bad Medicine Volume 1 TP

Written By: Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir

Art By: Christopher Mitten and Bill Crabtree

Description: Pulled out of exile from a dark corner of the world, renowned-surgeon-turned-fringe medicine-eccentric Doctor Randal Horne must return to New York City to investigate a tragic research lab accident that’s left one man dead, and inexplicably headless. Now with the help of a distrusting NYPD detective and a team of doctors from the CDC, Horne must diagnose this and other seemingly unexplainable medical phenomenon in a world where the line between medical science and science fiction is blurry at best.

120 pages, $19.99.

Stumptown Vol. 2: The Case of the Baby in the Velvet Case #3

Written By: Greg Rucka

Art By: Matt Southworth and Rico Renzi

Cover By: Matt Southworth and Rico Renzi

Description: P.I. Dex Parios was hired to track down “Baby,” rockstar Mim Bracca’s prized guitar. So how lucky is it that the instrument just showed up at her house? With Dex, you know the luck will never last!

32 pages, $3.99.

Wasteland #41

Written By: Antony Johnston

Art By: Russell Roehling

Cover By: Christopher Mitten

Michael, Abi and Thomas discover the truth about the meteor — or as much as they can, anyway. But while the Precity’s mutant Dwellers are down, they’re not out, and a reckless child forces them to flee. Soon Thomas must decide between family and the truth… and no matter which he chooses, someone will suffer.

32 pages, black and white, $3.99.

SOURCE: Comics Continuum