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It may have an original concept, but is this particular title something you need to check out?  Read on to find out.

The series description:

Oh, Hell follows a group of troubled teens that were shipped off to boarding school after their parents had had enough. What the parents didn’t know is that the Academy is actually in Hell.

Oh, Hell 1_CAre you ready for a comic that’s unlike just about anything you’ve read before?  Than grab a seat and let me tell you about this wonderfully quirky drama centered around teen angst in one of the darkest corners of the universe.  The creative team really has something here, as they skillfully build a vibrant reality that makes use of all of their players while never letting the potentially uncomfortable moments of young adulthood pass them by.

George Wassil is the scribe behind this venture, and the number one thing that he accomplishes within the confines of these pages is fluent dialogue.  He effortlessly builds something that feels natural as conversation pieces, even rushed ones, feel organic in their implementation.  The only detriment is that a brisk pace sadly leaves little room to give these zany revelations room to breathe.  This co-created work is engaging my fellow fanboys and fangirls, as I have no choice but to say that there’s more than enough to get me to come back for more.

The art by Dave Hamann improves from the opening panels onward to this release’s climax.  He skillfully creates a world that fits the narrative, while also giving enough of his own talent to allow the journey to evolve into something that should be available at comic stores across the country.  His illustrations are high quality but there are hiccups along the way where facial inconsistencies left me a tad bit underwhelmed.  But in the end the good work far outweighed any awkward renditions.

Oh, Hell #1 is without a doubt an original piece of fiction that’s fun as it exists outside the norms of the industry.  Recommended.



For more information on this independent property checkout their FACEBOOK page or their OFFICIAL SITE.

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