The Occultist #4 Review

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What will happen to Rob now that the Sword is trying to reject him? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

The Occultist has abused his power over life and death, and now he will face the consequences. He must choose the right path—and decide who his real friends are—so he can confront agents from the realm of the dead that want to claim his soul!

occultist 4 review coverThis was a brilliant issue, but the fact that I am just jumping onto this current limited series made it ever so slightly awkward to follow, though it was still an immense issue.

Tim Seeley along with Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson did an outstanding job of making this a very exciting and entertaining issue, as even though I found it slightly awkward to get into, once I got into the story it really appealed to me, with Seeley showing the kind of awesome storytelling that he’s known for. There was also be plenty of chaos and action in this issue, with all the characters involved being in a frantic situation at some point, and I personally felt that this added a lot to the tension, also helping the overall character developments.

Mike Norton did a phenomenal job of the art in this issue, with his style once again working brilliantly alongside Seeley’s scripts, much like it does on Revival. The layout and detail of Norton’s artwork was as usual amazing, as apart from helping with the overall flow of the issue, it also gave the issue the tone and atmosphere that it needed, with the layout also adding a lot of intensity as well. I also loved the way that Norton handled the characters facial expression in this issue, as it helped to add even more depth to the issue, also helping to show their characteristics as well.

This was a terrific penultimate issue, and despite being slightly non-new reader friendly it would still be amazing, having some wacky and exciting moments throughout.



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