Nightworld #2 Review


Nightworld_2_previewAs a series with a surprising amount of potential, I’m not sure what to expect when opening Nightworld #2. What is inside, however, ultimately turned out to be a little confusing, but entertaining nonetheless.

The official description from Image:

Hidden tombs, troubled dreams and big-budget hellscapes set the stage for tragic demon Plenilunio’s fight for redemption against the Empyre and its agents Hotspot and Hellena–but surprise alliances may form as new perils surface! The super-horror quest continues as the widescreen crazy amps up!

This issue takes up pretty much after the latter, so we have a somewhat established plot, even if its hidden behind long-winded dialogue, religious symbols and gothic overtones. That said, it still has a strong sense of humor and manages to have fun along the way, with ample amounts of plot build-up interspersed.

In short, while Paolo Leandri and Adam McGovern have a well-crafted story, they often lose it in the plethora of themes. The basic concepts of redemption and curse-lifting, however, shine through strong enough for most readers to follow the basic gist. The characters are well written and the action moves at a smooth enough pace to satisfy most. Similarly, the lines aren’t always strict, with a fluid sense of style that works well with many of the characters, especially during the quick action sequences.

Visually, this issue is very much like the last. Paola Leandri and Dom Regan have an art style that emulates older comics. There is plenty of color, granted, but the constant night time means this issue is a strong fan of the blue shades. While I would normally complain, this does go someway to capturing the darker tone of the title and is better than various black backdrops.

All in all, it might not be the simplest or the prettiest, but Nightworld #2 definitely has its own charm. It’s not the cute and cuddly type, but it does like to have fun and entertain along the way, which is what counts.

  • + A unique gothic/horror style
  • + Quite funny
  • + Well paced
  • - Can lose people with its style

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