All New Soulfire #2 Review

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Can this tale full of mysticism capture the imagination of a new crop of fans?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Let the mayhem begin!

PJ takes center stage in the arena, determined to be crowned king of the underground hi-tech battle royale. It’s man-made machine vs. man-made machine and more! In the streets of Paris, Malikai and Sonia learn more about the growing movement known as Gabriel’s Voice, and their strong belief in magic–despite ever seeing any firsthand-something Malikai could change with the snap of his finger. Also, as Grace and Vanyss enjoy a common bond, other magical people are being hunted down half a world away in San Francisco – but by whom and for what purpose?

All New Soulfire 2_CThere’s a lot to love about this fantasy saga, but I have to say this volume has upped its own stakes by including some interesting elements that are sure to get people talking.  Thanks to a sturdy hand from the creative team we get depth along with some interesting treats.

The written word jumps off the page, as J.T. Krul takes the entire cast of characters on another odyssey.  From the messianic implications to the inclusions of some threats to magic there’s a lot to chew through, but I have to say that from the first page to the final moment I was glued to my seat.  In particular the whole subplot involving worshipers who are waiting for a divine or rather mystical spark was interesting and I can’t wait to see how that develops.

When it comes to the art, any talent that steps in is going to be automatically compared with the people who came before them.  Thankfull V Ken Marion is up to the task.  The core mechanics are captured, as the sure pencil strokes bring about familiar elements that will leave fans grinning ear to ear.  There were even a few pages where I found myself just examining all the information from the visual side before I even began reading the text.

All New Soulfire #2 is a comic that’s a must own.  Highly recommended.



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