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Is there anything left to mine from this relaunched property?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Aspen¹s final ‘10 for 10‘ series makes its red-hot debut!In the future, technology is everywhere, but there’s a greater source of power and wonder now out there – magic!

After saving the world from the destructive force of chaos itself, Malikai and his friends try to return to a life of normalcy. PJ is determined to be Benoist’s heir in the battle arena, where cybernetic technology rules the day. Malikai is just happy to be with Sonia again, yet he can’t help see that Grace is still haunted be the scars of the past. Meanwhile, a secret danger grows in the shadows between magic and technology, and it has a name – RAINIER!

All New Soulfire 1_CA riveting start to a franchise that’s seen some mileage is certainly inviting to be sure.  And the creative team capitalizes on that fact as this fascinating world sees expansion but not rebirth.

J.T. Krul balances the weight of an entry point with the history found within these pages.  He in turn creates a proper jump on point for new readers and, to his credit, keeps things familiar enough to not cut off seasoned followers.  The depth and knowledge he displays with ease instantly engages as we witness a talent that can effortlessly work up a proper piece of fiction,  From the fist page to the final panel I was hooked by the beginnings of the arc and I can’t wait to see what the scribe does next with this cast of characters.

The artist who recently worked on Fathom: The Elite Saga, V Ken Marion, takes on another Michael Turner original.   Like the previous work his style is detailed and sturdy but there are some off moments here and there where bodily structure look a tad bit inconsistent.  But trust me these are few and far between as the bulk of the display allows this piece to soar.

All New Soulfire #1 is as a great start to something that deserves to be on your pull-list.  Recommended.



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