New Avengers #21 Review

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Our heroes continue their efforts to save the world, while a lot of things are left up in the air.  But is it worth your time?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:


• The Illuminati travel to another Earth during an incursion.

• Thanos in Necropolis.

• The Builders on Earth.

New Avengers 11_CWhen it comes to this series, there’s a lot of bold ideas at play here and the creative makes sure to use all of them in an effort to build something that’s more than just another series tied into the Avengers franchise.  What we get is a comic book that’s full of challenging ideas that makes good on its premise by forcing our heroes to bare the weight of a decision that could have a lasting impact on, not just our universe, but other iterations that surround it.

The script by Jonathan Hickman is maxed out with deep potential.  The scribe has birthed something special here, that sets these superheroes in some truly shattering moments that could make or break their character.  It’s through that emotion and turmoil that the captain of this vessel allows for some development in not just our primary leads but their main antagonists who have been causing a great deal of stress across the universes.  In the end what we get is a strikingly powerful comic that’s sure to please with a tale that’s worthy of your attention.

Mike Deodato dazzles with a level of skill that in all honesty is second to none.  I have literally zero complaints about the work that’s done here as the seasoned illustrator proves to be an outstanding component to the visual side of this odyssey. There were no moments that left me underwhelmed, as I found myself endlessly engaged by the execution and skill brought to every page.

New Avengers #21 is a great comic book that does more than enough to garner praise from me, if you’re reading Infinity than there’s absolutely no way that you can properly enjoy it without picking up this exceptional tie-in.  Highly recommended.



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