Nancy in Hell (On Earth) 4_C

Nancy In Hell (On Earth) #4 Review

Nancy in Hell (On Earth) 4_C
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Is this fourth and final release truly worth the wait or does the mini-series prove to be an utter waste of your time?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

If Nancy and Mr. Macabre can’t trust each other, will they be able to join forces to stop Archangel Gabrielle from destroying the world? And even if they success, Hell will keep spreading over the Earth. And what happens with Lucifer and his Twelve?

This saga is simply the epitome of exploitative engineering, which is the creative team’s intention as they try their hardest to bring the old school action and horror flicks to the comic book page.  From the overly corny situations to the over the top cliffhangers this issue delivers some uneven but beautifully rendered results.

El Torres handles the script, and the writer does a passable job delivering a tale that sticks very close to genre tropes.  The end result yields a rather bad experience, as many of those key elements come off as either rushed or just flat out uninteresting.  But it’s important to know and understand that it’s supposed to be that way.  The dialogue is wordy and corny but it delivers just enough necessary spunk to almost justify its existence.  And to be honest that sums up the entirety of this romp.

Enrique Lopez Lorenzana handles the art duties and the results are nothing short of spectacular. If there is a saving grace that justifies this somewhat questionable comic book purchase it’s the work on display here.  The angels, the demons, the backgrounds are all expertly rendered with lavish details that move the narrative in a positive direction.  To be completely honest when the script failed to hold my attention the panels kept me firmly engaged in the story.

Nancy In Hell (On Earth) #4 is a barely passable conclusion with some exceptional art.  And for that reason it squeaks by with a light recommendation.


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