Morning Glories #35 Review

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Considering all that’s happened to these young characters, is there still enough substance to their collective journey to string all of along this twisted narrative path? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“What Faith Is.”

Morning-Glories-35_CWe’ve all reached a point, or several, where we had not choice but to sit down and think really hard about the meaning of our existence.  Whether by force or not we investigate our daily lives in an attempt to come to an understanding of why we’re here.  For the kids as this specific academy, their world has been plagued with questions and for one of them they’re about to face the consequences of their recent actions from the previous season.  It’s a painful journey, but one that this creative team delivers with a sense of grace but little to no compassion.

Life is suffering and for our focus, young Fortunato, Nick Spencer has seen fit to show the character the depths of suffering.  The interesting thing is that what transpires here is as old as time itself.  It’s the fight between the evil of our nature and the better angel that cries out for deliverance or even faith.  The description is fitting because, we see a boy broken and beaten in ways that are beyond cruel but somehow he still does what he needs to in order to maintain his sanity.  The road ahead is going to be quite difficult, and the scribe hits that point home effortlessly.

Joe Eisma continues to offer precise illustrations that match the quality of the text, blow for blow.  The panel work alone should garner attention and praise, as the use of a minimalist touch combined with a sturdy sens of the atmosphere crafts something that’s both functional and believable.  I have literally zero complaints, as a refined sense of self creates a visual component that’s more than worth your money and time.

Morning Glories #35 is a tough comic book.  It hits you directly in the gut and it keeps pummeling away until the devoted audience member reaches that pivotal ending sequence.  Highly recommended.



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